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Presentation for Reinventing the Classroom

I’ve attended a virtual conference before, and now I will be a first-time presenter!

My presentation is called Authentic Learning in Math through Computer Coding: Turning Consumers into Creators.

It will be Thursday, May 1, at 5:00pm Mountain Daylight Time, through the Reinventing the Classroom conference.

To tweet about it before, during, or after, use the hashtag #reinvent14.

I’m really excited!  It’s a subject I’m really passionate about, and I am looking forward to connecting with other educators who are also interested in coding as part of the core curriculum.

Here is my slide set.  It contains active links you can follow, to a bunch of documents and coding activities I am sharing.

My Twitter handle is @DuPriestMath. Please get in touch – I would enjoy the dialogue!

I hope to see you there.