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First Semester Report

I’ve been teaching at my new school, Compass Community Collaborative School, for almost a semester now and thought I ought to process a little by blogging. It was exciting to open a new building – our school was an old thrift shop before we leased the building, and seeing it transformed as a school has been amazing.

Our main stage area. We spent the day before school assembling all the furniture!

What a whirlwind. Parts of the job are a more intense version of what I was doing as a public schoolteacher. I have four “preps”, essentially. Our morning schedule consists of intensives, and I teach math exclusively during these blocks. I have a section of Pre-calc, a section of Pre-algebra, and two sections of Geometry / Algebra II. I’ve been teaching these sections mostly with resources on Summit Learning Systems and then some resources I create. One take-away is that I really, really wish Algebra / Geo / Algebra II weren’t so heavily recommended as college prep courses. It is so difficult to make the classes authentic and hands-on, especially when the content is new-ish for me. My pre-calc class is working on a construction project making a parabolic trough solar oven, and we’ve done some interesting math around conic sections. I code a little bit with Geo/Algebra II using Khan Academy and we’ve explored quadratics using that tool. The real-world applications don’t just jump out at you though; you really have to work to create them.

My fourth “prep” is my astronomy / space exploration / robotics venture project. I made a decision early on to offer participation in FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge as full-fledged venture projects. I am a big fan of the FIRST family of programs since they entail real world problem solving, a tournament which is also an exhibition of learning, and a full network of support. The setup has been a little challenging, since in my venture project group, I have some students participating in FLL, some in FTC, some doing neither but doing a project related to space exploration… and some students doing both. I believe very much in allowing for FLL/FTC participation during the school day; I think it’s equitable. But it really makes classroom management a huge challenge!!

I worked hard to give the students plenty of experiences outside the classroom; we went to the science museum’s planetarium, visited Colorado State’s science lab, had a guest lecture from an instructor at Front Range Community College, went to observatories, researched at the CSU library, toured the robotics lab in the Electrical Engineering department, and toured the manufacturing floor at Wolf Robotics. I did very little actual “teaching” and have mostly been coaching, facilitating, and guiding the kids through the design process. For our final exhibition in December, we’ll have robotics demos and a showcase of student projects related to astronomy and space exploration. I have kids working on their own science fiction novels, self-sustaining biospheres, treatments for the mental health of astronauts, hygiene products for space travel, scale model maps of Mars, Arduino-based robots and more.

So yeah, it’s been busy! Some parts of the school model have been slow in coming, and some parts have strayed from our original vision and we’ve had to do some hard course corrections. I don’t want to do a full analysis of it here – but our tiny staff is trying extremely hard to make this whole thing work.

As it’s the holiday season, my little break from reality is to work on my annual Ugly Christmas Sweater. This year I envisioned having an IoT-enabled sweater that people could activate from their phones. I ended up purchasing an Adafruit Flora, some Neopixels, a wearable Bluetooth LE module, and then reusing my LilyPad MP3 player from last year. It took me a solid day just to get a prototype working, but I love this kind of problem-solving and can’t wait to see the sweater actually come together. Once I get it sewn together, I’ll just have to finish “choreographing” some of the music. It’s difficult to choreograph without all of the neopixels sewn together, and it’s a pain to prototype all those neopixels with alligator clips.

Will blog when the sweater is done, I promise.

I will blog about our exhibition in December also. That will be a better time to process the successes and challenges of this semester!