Bio: I'm a former software engineer who has taught middle school math and computer science for the past 6 years. I believe every kid has the right to be a thinker. I started this blog to save resources for integrating programming in the Common Core math classroom. I also use it to save my lessons and reflections from teaching budding computer scientists! Coding has transformed how I teach and think. You'll love what it does for you. You should try it.

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2 responses to “About”

  1. Betty Love says :

    I’m trying to subscribe to your feed, but when I copy your link and paste it in feedly, it tells me no feed is found. 😦

    I found your page because I am very interested in finding ways to incorporate coding into the math curriculum. I’m a math professor at the University of Nebraska – Omaha and am currently doing a pilot study with the Omaha Public Schools elementary gifted and talented program on using a system called bricklayer that was developed by a colleague in the CS Dept. Check out bricklayer.org.

    We would love to get your thoughts and perhaps even work with you if you’re interested.


    -Betty Love

    • dupriestmath says :

      I apologize for not seeing this before! I don’t know why feedly isn’t working… I will see what I can learn though.
      Would love to chat with you more! I’ll send you an email.

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