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Seventh-graders can CODE!

Wow! My students are almost finished with a unit on expressions, equations, and inequalities.  They’re working on a project in which they have to make a computer game similar to one that would be played on “The Price Is Right”.  One of my students showed me her program today and I was BLOWN AWAY and had to share!  This student had never programmed a computer up until this year, and really blossomed as a computer scientist on this project.  Check out her work!!

Alison's amazing Price Is Right program

Alison’s amazing Price Is Right program

I have been meaning to blog about the project, how I set it up, how I’m grading it, and my reflections.  It’s due next week, and I’ll have more information at that time.  Some of the students have been doing phenomenal work. They are so motivated by creating a game!